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Carpet Cleaning FAQ's
Our carpet cleaning system is unique to Cleanway Xtra Cleaning Services and is designed to rid your carpets of any dirt, mites and allergens. Our fully equipped, customised vehicles allow our professionally trained cleaners to provide you with a thorough carpet cleaning service which includes detailed stain removal with a special pre-treatment, carpet deodorising, disinfectant and sanitiser treatment with smell removal that assists treating any pet odours. Our steam cleaning (hot water extraction) method is the most thorough carpet clean available.
Our method injects hot water into the carpet which gets extracted using a powerful suction motor which is mounted in our vehicles. The unique tool we use has a rotating spray bar which cleans the individual carpet fibres from all directions leaving carpets completely clean. Most other companies use a straight suction wand which only cleans the carpet fibres from one side.

Q: How soon can I walk on my carpets after a steam clean?
A: Carpets can be walked on approximately 1 hour after they have been steam cleaned.

Q: Can you get out stains that have been there for a while?
A: Yes. We can get out a large majority of stains new or old.

Q: Do you provide dry cleaning as well? What method gets the best results?
A: Yes, we do provide dry cleaning as well as steam cleaning. Dry cleaning is a process where only the top of the carpet is cleaned. The benefit is that you can walk on carpets straight away. However, dry cleaning doesn't clean deep down into the fibres and extract any dirt and allergens that may be present.

Q: What if I have fleas in the carpets? Does steam cleaning kill them?
A: No. They may kill some fleas but to be entirely sure (and to satisfy your property manager if you are renting) you would have to have a specialised flea treatment applied to your carpets. We have a specialised chemical that will completely kill the fleas. Please let us know if this is something you require when requesting a quote.

Q: My family has allergies, are the products you use allergy friendly?
A: Yes, all of our products are non-toxic, allergy friendly.

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